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Tailored membership consulting program for rising 9th to 11th


The Milestone Program (grades 8 - 11) is one of Keystone’s customized annual membership-only consulting services, primarily aimed at holistically developing a student’s candidate profile in preparation for the college application process. The key to receiving admissions to top universities is strategically assembling the various attributes of the student’s academic profile into a cohesive package, while showcasing some of the student’s key strengths and competitive edge, differentiating the student from the thousands of global applicants. Many students regrettably go through high school without cultivating their overall profile, resulting in them scrambling around during their 11th-grade summer break hoping to squeeze out that last community service activity to fill the gaps in their college applications. Admissions officers see through this poorly thought out, randomized “resume padding” strategy, making it difficult for candidates to gain acceptance to some of the most prestigious universities. Keystone consultants work closely with Milestone students to strategically build their profiles years in advance to develop the student’s application theme, through GPA management, extracurricular activity involvement, standardized test preparation, and mentorship. The Milestone Program fosters the various elements of the student’s profile and bridges the student into the College Application Program (CAP), where the elements are then pieced together into a final product that becomes the content of the college application to the student’s dream university.




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