Get ahead of the competition! Take advantage of vacation by preparing for standardized tests and the upcoming school semester.

We offer a full program of courses in standardized testing, writing skills, and subject previews. We will be opening courses for students preparing to take the New SAT, ACT, or SSAT exams in the coming months, as well as our Cornerstone program, designed as a holistic literature and humanities approach to building critical thinking skills. In addition, we will hold a Writing course for high school students looking to improve their analytical writing skills for various academic pursuits.

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Daily intensive camp programs for last minute preparation to boost scores before major standardized tests.

New York Thanksgiving Camp

While students in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, many international boarding school students are away from home, unable to share this experience with their families. However, with the December SAT exam around the corner, students cannot afford to feel lonely and lethargic during a time when they must remain focused and most productive.

In 2007, Keystone introduced Thanksgiving Camp, a 9-day comprehensive college preparation program offered in Tarrytown, New York. Since then, our camp’s reputation continues to grow as a result of our steadfast dedication to our mission: condition the skill-sets that the student has acquired over the summer, and strengthen those weaknesses that stand between the student and their best SAT score possible.

Come join us this Thanksgiving, in what will be an intense but rewarding experience, as our family of mentors and teachers help you prepare to enter the next four years of your lives at the University of your dreams.

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Hong Kong Easter Camp

Keystone’s critically acclaimed, Hong Kong Easter Camp, is a Spring Break intensive course designed to offer the same options in Hong Kong that our Spring Program in Seoul does. Since 2010, we’ve remained the camp of choice for Hong Kong families hoping to boost their student’s academic performance and testing scores.

Heavy focus is placed on last minute testing prep for different exams through rigorous testing and review, to ensure that students are able to achieve the highest possible test scores on the May and June exams for the SAT and the SAT / AP Subject tests. Keystone instructors bring with them years of experience and proprietary methods, proven to quickly teach students how to reach their testing potential.

Now held at our new HK office in One Island South, students from Hong Kong are encouraged to join us for intensive test preparation during Easter Break.

Snapshot Consulting is a one-time (60 - 90 minutes) advisory service, where our expert consulting directors sit down with the family to assess the student's current academic standing, in order to help the student develop the most optimal forward-looking strategy for college admissions.

There are many important elements that go into defining a student's application profile, and the key is identifying these areas and to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Our consultants will help the student come up with a tentative college list based on their current academic standing, and will analyze the student's application profile (GPA, Standardized Tests, Extracurricular Activities, etc.), identify any glaring gaps, and determine what steps the student needs to take in order to optimize the student's chances of gaining admissions to their top college choices.

It is important to get this process started early because it gives us an opportunity to map out a long term plan for the student to then go ahead and execute, step-by-step. Some key advice that we provide to families is what types of classes the student should take throughout high school, when and what standardized tests to take, and what types of activities / internships / summer programs the student should pursue in order to highlight the student's interests and passions. After completion of the service, we will provide in-depth, quantitative and qualitative assessment reports for the family to take home as a guideline to the student's future.