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I think what’s most special about Keystone is that it is in many ways a family. For me, Keystone has become something much more than just test prep, something much more meaningful than just an increase of a few hundred points on my SATs. What makes Keystone unique is that at Keystone, the score is not the only thing that will grow. Indeed, throughout my time at Keystone, I have been accompanied by teachers and instructors whose role transcends that of teachers who taught me how to interact with people such as professors; how to brainstorm; how to choose words appropriately in emails; how to construct a formal and proper resume; how to appropriately request a letter of recommendation that would benefit you; how to take advantage of the valuable resources you are given; and how to effectively manage your time. What’s more, the people that helped me to develop these skills are always caring and genuinely concerned about your life (sometimes more than you yourself are). They are people who truly try their hardest to guide you, to minimize the mistakes and regrets you may have, to maximize your potential. Keystone has helped me to grow in ways more than I can ever imagine, whether it is on those seemingly impossible APs that I scored a 5 or on those essays where I had no idea what to talk about. Ultimately, Keystone helped me to discover myself.” 


—  M.M., Yale

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